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Posture Corrector / Shoulder Brace


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posture corrector helps you improve poor posture

Good posture matters


Shoulder Brace for Sport


Customer's feedback

Espandi Posture Corrector

I work in IT, and when at home, I am still in front of the computer. After weeks of testing it out, I can confidently say this will help your posture issues, but you really do need to put effort in. When I first put it on, I was amazed at how BAD my posture was! I honestly could wear it for 20 minutes max at first.. but over time I've gotten up to the entire night :) It really is like training and working-out. Give it a try!
btw the bag pack also looks good.

Sean C.

Espandi Posture Corrector

I bought this based on reviews. I work at a desk all day and find myself slouching all the time. I was pleasantly surprised that this really has worked for me. Product definitely helps my posture and has relieved pressure off my back. I normally have back pain from not sitting up straight. With the posture corrector it keeps me from doing that. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. A very good buy.

Mark P.

Espandi Shoulder Brace 

I have a minor SLAP tear in my right shoulder and decided to use this brace while in the process of healing. While wearing this brace the comfort level is amazing. It's almost as if I have a third hand holding my shoulder in place. I've used this while going to physical therapy and also while going to the gym. I'm very impressed. The material is high quality and to top that off it's adjustable and fairly light weight. I almost forget that I have it on at times.

Tramal R.