Brand story

shoulder pain

In 2018, I experienced long hours in the office every day, nine hours a day. Foreign companies basically did not work overtime, which was quite lucky. However, because I sat and used the computer for a long time every day, I often felt soreness and stiffness in my shoulders and neck, and I also started to hunch. Occasionally, I went for a massage during the holidays, but the effect didn't last for a few days...

I still remember that it was a holiday in mid-January. I was shopping on Amazon in the United States to find out if there were any products related to relieving shoulder and neck pain. I accidentally discovered the "Hunchback Correction Belt", which seemed useful but had not been seen in Taiwan before. . The hunchback correction belt is designed to improve sitting posture and help and remind users to maintain correct posture. I was deeply attracted by this product that I didn’t know much about at the time, and decided to give it a try.

After the correction was brought to Taiwan, I tried it on immediately and the effect was much better than expected. At that time, I thought, I must recommend this thing to my family and friends! In a short period of time, the pain in my shoulders and neck has been significantly improved, and I have gradually noticed that my upper body naturally leans forward when using the computer. Over time, this causes a hunchback, which is a bad habit that most people may have.

After using it with remarkable results, I began to conduct more research and understanding on "hunchback correction belts" and compared the comfort of different styles and materials. Most of the products had some shortcomings. At that time, I decided to spend time after work and holidays to improve them to the best quality. A hunchback correction belt suitable for Taiwanese people.

After several months of improvement and applying for a US trademark, we also invited several American physical therapists to try it out. The feedback was very positive, which made us more confident in this product. We hope it can help more people like us who sit in the office or work for long periods of time like us. People who use computers all the time.

Espandi means long-term in Italian. I hope that in this era where our mobile phones are never far away from us and we are glued to the computer every day, we can take better care of our health and enjoy more life.

Giving back to the society and helping more people in need is one of our brand concepts. Espandi donates 10% of its profits every month to disadvantaged groups, such as homes for stray cats and dogs, elderly people living alone or children in rural areas, using actions to help their future, Every support is a warm care for life, Your participation will become an integral part of their lives.

Thank you for your support, let the power of love have the greatest impact in this society!