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【Imported from USA™】Fluorescent Posture Corrector Night Running Fluorescent Anti-Hunchback Strap

【Imported from USA™】Fluorescent Posture Corrector Night Running Fluorescent Anti-Hunchback Strap

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※This product is for daily maintenance, not for medical use.

※Shipping every day on working days

※A little more expensive, but the quality is much better!

Do you often feel soreness in your shoulders and neck, and do you stoop unconsciously when using the computer or mobile phone?

The spine is very important to us. Correct posture can not only keep the body functioning healthily, reduce muscle soreness, but also maintain a good figure!

! ! Shopee hides the original product (for unknown reasons) as shown in Figure 2, and creates a new product catalog! !

[US Trademark]👌Ergonomic, recommended by physical therapists👌Suitable for teenagers/adults/elderly people, 100% breathable and comfortable, quality guaranteed, we sell the best quality, especially sportswear, quality and comfort This is our biggest consideration!

Long-term working or poor sitting posture, accumulated over a long period of time,

It causes backache and pain, and the gain outweighs the loss. Try Espandi’s new hunchback correction belt!

【Product advantages】

👉Fluorescent design, safe for night exercise

👉Front-pull devil felt design, invisible to wear

👉Easy to put on, just four steps

👉Suitable for adults/students/unisex

👉Breathable and not stuffy, can also be used in summer

[Applicable bust]


With correct posture and raising your head and chest, you will look taller.

Upgraded breathable material + elastic fabric, more comfortable to wear and fit the curves


1. Please adjust the shoulder strap to the tightness that suits you first.

2. Wear it directly on your back as shown in the picture and then put it on your back again (like wearing a jacket)

3. After putting it on, tighten the straps on both sides (not very tight). The posture of the two shoulder straps is correct, and then stick the shoulder straps up to the shoulders.


-It takes about 30 minutes to wear for the first time. It is not recommended to wear it for a long time from the beginning.

-You can add half an hour every other day to allow your body to slowly adapt.

- It is recommended not to pull the correction belt to the maximum tightness. This product is mainly used as a reminder.

*If the material is not suitable or you are not satisfied in any way after purchase, please message us to chat. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal and affirmation. We support 100% return within 7 days if there is no damage.

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