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【Imported from USA™】Triangular Pad Daily Waist Support Back Support Brace

【Imported from USA™】Triangular Pad Daily Waist Support Back Support Brace

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⚠️⚠️This product is a belt support, which provides moderate support and protection for the waist. It is not a medical product.

What are the differences between sports protective gear and medical protective gear?

The main difference between the two is: wearing protective gear during exercise allows you to move freely. However, after you are injured during sports, the medical protective gear you wear will limit your activities, let alone exercise. Take sports waist protectors as an example. Its function is to assist the waist muscles to support the spine.

Sports protective gear can protect you from injury during exercise, while medical protective gear can help you stabilize and recover after you are injured to avoid being injured again.

[US Trademark] 100% breathable and comfortable, quality guaranteed. We sell the best quality, not the cheapest inferior products. When worn on the body, especially sports and health products, quality and comfort are the biggest considerations. Espandi™ operates Amazon USA for many years, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation!

👉Product features:

1. The front end is made of three-dimensional mesh material, which is tough and durable, has excellent breathability and is suitable for all seasons.

2.4 PVC support bars, strong support and no rust problem

3. Suitable for those who sit or stand for a long time in the office, giving maximum support to the waist

4. Strong devil felt, can adjust the size by itself and will not fall off


Colour: Black

👉 Applicable time:

Driving, sitting in the office for a long time, working, traveling, daily health care, waist maintenance for middle-aged and elderly people. Non-medical products.

👉Cleaning method:

You can first soak it with a small amount of laundry detergent, then wash it by hand, and finally dry it naturally. It cannot be machine washed or dehydrated, and it is not recommended to expose it to the sun.

👉Instructions for use:

When using the belt support, first loosen the stretch straps on both sides, put the belt support behind you, then use both hands to slightly stretch the belt, then wrap it around the front and glue it on. This will lengthen the belt and then glue it on. The above action can tighten and protect the waist, and finally tighten the stretch straps on both sides.

*If the material is not suitable or you are not satisfied in any way after purchase, please message us to chat. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal and affirmation. We support 100% return within 7 days if there is no damage.

thank you!

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