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【Imported from USA™】Two-way Fixed Daily Waist Support Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

【Imported from USA™】Two-way Fixed Daily Waist Support Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

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※This product is for daily maintenance, not for medical use.

What are the differences between daily (sports) protective gear and medical protective gear?

The main difference between the two is that wearing protective gear during sports or daily activities allows you to move freely. However, after you are injured during sports, the medical protective gear you wear will limit your activities, let alone exercise. Take sports waist protectors as an example. Its function is to assist the waist muscles to support the spine.

Sports protective gear can protect you from injury during exercise, while medical protective gear can help you stabilize and recover after you are injured to avoid being injured again.

[US Trademark] 100% breathable and comfortable, quality guaranteed. We sell the best quality, not the cheapest substandard products. For what you wear on your body, especially sportswear, quality and comfort are the biggest considerations. Espandi™ operates in the United States Amazon for many years, your satisfaction is our biggest motivation!

👉Product features:

1. High-density weaving technology, tough and durable, excellent breathability, suitable for all seasons

2.2023 latest design, 4 memory aluminum and 2 waist steel springs, provide 360° vertical support for the waist, creating unprecedented stability

3. Designed for lifting weights, standing or sitting for long periods of time, doing housework, various sports, work, etc.

4. Breathable fabric is made of high-grade PVC used for baby clothing, with stable fit, breathability and comfort. The soft material ensures no harm to the skin or clothes.

5. Two strong devil felt elastic bands, which can be adjusted to the appropriate size by themselves and will not fall off. There will be no discomfort when walking, sitting, bending or stretching.

6. Help the lumbar muscles support the spine


Sports waist support color: black

Average length: 17*21*3 cm

Size: S/M L/XL

👉 Applicable time:

Squats, deadlifts, heavy training, stretching, waist and abdominal stress exercises, running, sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, long-term labor...etc.

👉Cleaning method:

You can first soak it with a small amount of laundry detergent, then wash it by hand, and finally dry it naturally. It cannot be machine washed or dehydrated, and it is not recommended to expose it to the sun.

👉Instructions for use:

When using the belt support, use both hands to slightly stretch the belt, and then put the strong devil felt on it. The outside of the waist belt is made of adhesive material. The action of stretching the belt and then sticking it on can tighten and protect the waist to increase support. force.

*If the material is not suitable or you are not satisfied in any way after purchase, please message us to chat. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal and affirmation. If there is no damage, we support 100% return within 7 days and only need to bear the shipping cost.

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