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【Imported from USA™】Sports Ankle Support Brace (Pair)

【Imported from USA™】Sports Ankle Support Brace (Pair)

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※This product is for daily maintenance, not for medical use.

What are the differences between sports protective gear and medical protective gear?

The main difference between the two is: wearing protective gear during exercise allows you to move freely. However, after you are injured during sports, the medical protective gear you wear will limit your activities, let alone exercise. Take sports ankle braces as an example. Its function is to maintain the ankle at a fixed angle and position and limit the ankle joints. Activity

Sports protective gear can protect you from injury during exercise, while medical protective gear can help you stabilize and recover after you are injured to avoid being injured again.

It is not easy to sprain during exercise and can be fixed for recovery after injury, allowing you to exercise with confidence! !

The figure-8 winding design, with left and right staggered traction, improves the stability of the ankle joint during lateral movement.

Avoid serious injuries caused by rapid changes of direction or extremely fast turns

👉 Applicable time:

Basketball, outdoor sports, fitness training, running, sports protective gear accessories, basketball volleyball, table tennis, cycling, sports trends, ice and snow sports, sports outdoor bags, fitness and bodybuilding, martial arts self-defense, extreme challenge, dance movement

👉Cleaning method:

You can first soak it with a small amount of laundry detergent, then wash it by hand, and finally dry it naturally. It cannot be machine washed or dehydrated, and it is not recommended to expose it to the sun.

👉Features: This model has no distinction between left and right feet, is lightweight and has two-way pressure, adjustable tightness, breathable and comfortable

*If the material is not suitable or you are not satisfied in any way after purchase, please message us to chat. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal and affirmation. If there is no damage, we support 100% return within 7 days and only need to bear the shipping cost.

thank you!

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