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【Imported from USA™】Thumb valgus straps (pair) Bunion Corrector (pair)

【Imported from USA™】Thumb valgus straps (pair) Bunion Corrector (pair)

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※This product is for daily maintenance, not for medical use.

※Recommended by American physical therapists

[US Trademark] 👌 Ergonomic 👌 Suitable for teenagers/adults/elderly people, 100% breathable and comfortable, quality guaranteed, we sell the best quality and wear it on the body, especially sports equipment, quality and comfort are our biggest considerations

The causes of hallux valgus are divided into congenital and acquired. It may be caused by heredity, flat feet or improper wearing of shoes. Choosing the right shoes, insoles, and correctly correcting hallux valgus is the key!

🌟New enhanced model, freely adjustable, suitable for day and night

🌟Regular use can help solve the common thumb valgus problem, effectively separate the toes, and relieve the pressure of thumb valgus

【feature of product】

✅Effectively stretches and relieves pressure on the hallux valgus.

✅Lycra stretch fabric, adaptable to various foot shapes

✅Silicone protective cushion, soft to the touch and skin-friendly

✅Comfortable and breathable fabric to reduce bacterial breeding

✅Ergonomic design, no burden 24 hours a day

【laundry guide】:

Wash by hand in gentle water at 30 degrees Celsius. Wash and dry. It is recommended to use talcum powder after cleaning to extend the service life.


Wearable at home, for rest, in the office, for daily walking use

[Intimate tips]:

🌟After purchasing, it is recommended that the product be matched with daily care, such as choosing shoes with a wide last, protrusions inside the shoe, and support for the arch of the foot.

🌟Wear it for 6-8 hours a day (can be worn while sleeping)

🌟Paired with home exercises (toe clamping towel/thumb exercise), it can enhance foot muscle strength, relieve pain, and change the way of exerting force when walking or exercising.

*If the material is not suitable or you are not satisfied in any way after purchase, please message us to chat. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal and affirmation. If there is no damage, we support 100% return within 7 days and only need to bear the shipping cost.

thank you!

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