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【Imported from USA™】Hand Grip Strength Trainer

【Imported from USA™】Hand Grip Strength Trainer

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Exercise at your fingertips 👍, palm-grabbing design, you can exercise even while sitting at your desk 👏

Applicable people: the elderly, rehabilitation people, mouse players, general sports people, women, adult men, etc. 👌

Use color management method to indicate the weight from light to heavy from light to dark✨

Training that creates differences in grip strength is not only suitable for general fitness or rehabilitation, it can also be used as a stress relief product👍

Place the ring grip in the palm of your hand and squeeze. Oval design perfectly fits the shape of the hand💯

📣Product features:

Easy to carry✨Palm grab design, you can exercise at any time.

Silicone material✨soft, non-cracking, long service life, and non-irritating to the skin.

Intensity differentiation ✨ Suitable for different age groups.

★Which strength is suitable for me to buy?

Low intensity 👉 Green 20 pounds: suitable for beginners, elders, and rehabilitation patients

Medium intensity 👉 Blue 30 pounds: Suitable for people with basic arm strength, women, and most people

High intensity 👉Orange 40 lbs: suitable for exercisers, men, and athletes

Super high intensity 👉Purple 50 lbs: suitable for advanced exercisers and sports people

1. The ball is soft and comfortable to the touch, made of PU organic molecular material, with good hand feel and good elasticity.

2. Depending on the softness and hardness of the ball, there are primary elasticity and intermediate elasticity to choose from.

3. Split-finger finger cots, the finger-fixed ball training is more solid and not easy to fall off.

4. Split-finger cots are suitable for left and right hands to exercise at the same time.

5. The first generation finger cots are elastic and can be freely adjusted by sticking.

6. The ball belt and the ball are firmly fixed and will not fall off.

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